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Being a professional in a big company can seem such a stressful journey through humdrum. But Love reaches all corners and cubicles. It is up to you to recognize it and seize the amazing opportunity of working for Love, with Love and because of Love.


Adventures in Generosity

Generosity is a LOVEolutionary attitude. Join me as I explore generosity and practice being creatively generous.

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All is Calm, All is Bright

Nov 23 | by Amy Pierce
Always doing my best to attend to whatever “good” or “bad” shows up (and really, it’s all good!), a few days ago, in a semi-vegitative...

Is Goodness Enough?

Nov 23 | by Rebekah Moan
The other day, my brother told me he boils down his spiritual practice to two tenets: meditate, and be a good person. That got me thinking, what does it...

Seven Steps to Awakening, Quotes #683-684

Nov 22 | by Regina Dawn Akers
In this audio we looked at a practice of distinguishing between the real and unreal. Listen to this audio Read along in the journal ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ You can...

The Guiding Light - John 1:3-13 (from the Bible)

Nov 22 | by Regina Dawn Akers
We looked at the “Four Principles of God” from Source to manifestation and realized that everything in manifestation is Life-Awareness-Intellegence...

Inner Ramana at the Center for Inner Peace - Week Seven

Nov 22 | by Regina Dawn Akers
Study of The Teachings of Inner Ramana from 11/16/15 at the Center for Inner Peace in Pueblo, CO: Exposing the Attachment to Mind, Clarity on Purpose Listen...
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