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Being a professional in a big company can seem such a stressful journey through humdrum. But Love reaches all corners and cubicles. It is up to you to recognize it and seize the amazing opportunity of working for Love, with Love and because of Love.


Adventures in Generosity

Generosity is a LOVEolutionary attitude. Join me as I explore generosity and practice being creatively generous.

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The Guiding Light - John 15:1-5

Jul 20 | by Regina Dawn Akers
In this audio we looked at the purification process. Listen to this audio Guiding Light Archive Audios Please join me live for The Guiding Light each Wednesday...

Broken Heart Meditation

Jul 20 | by Regina Dawn Akers
Find a place where you will be undisturbed. If it is comfortable, put on headsets or earbuds. Relax, and enjoy this meditation. Broken Heart Meditation The...

One Race: The Human Race

Jul 18 | by Rebekah Moan
Fyi, this is also a podcast.The other day I entered into a discussion with a facebook friend about "Black Lives Matter" and "All lives matter." His point...

Seven Steps to Awakening, Quote #727

Jul 17 | by Regina Dawn Akers
In this audio we looked at the value of distrusting the mind. Listen to this audio Read along in the journal ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ You can listen to all of the...

Awakening Together Gathering - Bringing Presence Into Conversations

Jul 17 | by Regina Dawn Akers
Regina talked about how the ego slips into our conversations, thereby strengthening itself. She shared a technique we can use to remain present and mindful...
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The LOVEolution is a global love project dedicated to exploring the importance of love in our current society. MORE
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11 LOVEolutionary Attitudes {a manifesto}
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