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Being a professional in a big company can seem such a stressful journey through humdrum. But Love reaches all corners and cubicles. It is up to you to recognize it and seize the amazing opportunity of working for Love, with Love and because of Love.


Adventures in Generosity

Generosity is a LOVEolutionary attitude. Join me as I explore generosity and practice being creatively generous.

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NTI at the Center for Inner Peace - NTI Hebrews 11

Oct 29 | by Regina Dawn Akers
NTI Hebrews 11 from 10/28/14 at the Center for Inner Peace in Pueblo, CO: Mp3 format Weekly assignment from this audio: Notice where you are putting your...

Meditate with me

Oct 29 | by Regina Dawn Akers

Why Reform Just Won't Cut It

Oct 26 | by Rebekah Moan
For audio, scroll to the bottom.I have some hang-ups about money. I think it's safe to say I'm not alone in this. For a long time I thought if I made a...

Seven Steps to Awakening, Quotes #595-596

Oct 26 | by Regina Dawn Akers
In this teaching we looked at how the idea “I am a person” is an impossible idea, because the personality is a process and “I am”...

Kala's Adventures in Reading Seashells and Crystals

Oct 22 | by Kala Ambrose
Kala Ambrose  “Your Travel Guide to the Other Side”   Adventures in Reading Crystals,  Gemstones and Seashells with Kala Kala...
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11 LOVEolutionary Attitudes {a manifesto}
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