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Being a professional in a big company can seem such a stressful journey through humdrum. But Love reaches all corners and cubicles. It is up to you to recognize it and seize the amazing opportunity of working for Love, with Love and because of Love.


Adventures in Generosity

Generosity is a LOVEolutionary attitude. Join me as I explore generosity and practice being creatively generous.

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Happy to Be - An audio from 5/20/11

Apr 23 | by Regina Dawn Akers
This 30-minute teaching is based on Jan Frazier’s book, “When Fear Falls Away.” Through this teaching, we see how helpful it is to focus...

Looking at the controversial moments in Jesus' life

Apr 23 | by Regina Dawn Akers
In this audio we looked at some of the most controversial moments in Jesus life: ~ When he cursed the fig tree ~ When he turned over the tables at the...

New-moon Solar Eclipse April 29 Prescription

Apr 23 | by Doreen Agostino
This is a request to set an intention to over Light the possibility of further deception and harm globally, in particular on Apr 27.14, by writing a prescription...

Aura Colors and Their Meaning

Apr 22 | by Kala Ambrose
Each week I’ll be discussing the colors in the aura and how to work with them. This information can also be found in my book The Awakened Aura: Experiencing...

Seven Steps to Awakening, Quote #548

Apr 21 | by Regina Dawn Akers
We looked at the relationship between grace and spiritual practice. Listen to this audio Read from the journal ...
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11 LOVEolutionary Attitudes {a manifesto}
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